PreSeason – One Off Matches

2otrophyThe Pre-Season Will begin with the two longest running clubs in WFR the Wellington Dolphins and Peninsula Whalers as they play for the Ocean Cup currently held by the Whalers and also a One-Of Trophy to celebrate the Start of the 20th Season in WFR .

*The Match will be covered by WFR-TV and Played at Lancaster Park Home of the (PRC) Peninsula Rugby Corporation.

This will belong to winner “The Anniversary Trophy” 

After this match the following matches apply , Team Order Requirements will be announced via News Group and email

PreSeason #1
Peninsula Whalers 26-28 Wellington Dolphins Played
PreSeason #2
Peninsula Whalers 30-24 Peninsula Pioneers  Played
Gauteng Bombers 07-33
Southern Kings Africa.Challenge
RC Narbonne 24-12 G.1.R.A TransAtlantic.Challenge
Berlin Wallbangerz 16-00 Star Alliance TransAtlantic Challenge
Cardiff Fury 19-32 Saitama Samurai TransAtlantic Challenge
Wellington Dolphins 44-26 Hutt Valley Hawks Tremain Trophy
Hawkes Bay Magpies 14-34 Manawatu Vikings Tremain Trophy
Bribie Island Convicts 34-24 Melbourne.Bushrangers : PreSeason
Western Reds 42-22 Adelaide Falcons : PreSeason
Counties Ironmen 37-19 Auckland Volcanics : PreSeason
Southern.Swashbucklers 19-19 Southland Orcas : PreSeason
Taranaki Oilers 42-00 CAPITAL Rugby : PreSeason
Grammar Alliance 33-29 Aztecas UDLAP : PreSeason
Santiago Condors 45-12 New Mexico Diablos : PreSeason
PreSeason #3
Madrid Matadors 22-28 Orkney Druids PRC.European.Cup:
Wellington Dolphins 19-34 Silverstream Wild Capital Cup
PRC Dockers 13-32 Ontario.Lumberjacks PRC Latin Trophy:
Hutt Valley Hawks 33-49 Manawatu Vikings Tremain Trophy
Durban Sports Club 39-03 Nairobi Fire Africa Challenge
Pretoria Bulls 17-17 Cape Town Bulldogs Africa Challenge
Boland Kavaliers 26-39 Southern Kings Africa Challenge
Transvaal Lions 26-10 Walvis.Bay.Cheetahs Africa Challenge
RC Narbonne 41-10 Star Alliance TransAtlantic.Challenge
Berlin Wallbangerz 53-07 Saitama Samurai TransAtlantic Challenge
Cardif Fury 09-06 G.1.R.A TransAtlantic Challenge
PreSeason #4
Rosario Gouchos 20-17 Kalamazoo Wolverines Akaroa Trophy:
Madrid Matadors 07-27 Rosario Gouchos PRC Latin Trophy:
Nairobi Fire 23-09 Cape Town Bulldogs Africa Challenge
Durban Sports Club 27-07 Pretoria Bulls Africa Challenge
Southern Kings 13-27 Walvis Bay Cheetahs Africa Challenge
Boland Kavaliers 18-14 Transvaal Lions Africa Challenge
RC Narbonne 49-26 Saitama Samurai TransAtlantic Challenge
Berlin Wallbangerz 44-10 Cardif Fury TransAtlantic Challenge
Star Alliance 20-18 G.1.R.A TransAtlantic Challenge
Wellington Dolphins 26-38 Hawkes Bay Magpies Tremain Trophy
PreSeason #5
Peninsula Whalers 40-07 Kalamazoo.Wolverines Wainui Trophy:
Kalamazoo Wolverines 15-13 Ontario Lumberjacks PRC America’s Trophy:
Rosario Gouchos 43-00 PRC Dockers HWUM Trophy:
Pretoria Bulls 17-34 Nairobi Fire Africa Challenge
Cape Town Bulldogs 07-36 Durban Sports Club Africa.Challenge
Transvaal Lions 13-00 Southern Kings Africa Challenge
Walvis Bay Cheetahs 20-22 Boland Kavaliers Africa Challenge
RC Narbonne 34-12 Cardiff Fury TransAtlantic Challenge
Berlin Wallbangerz 24-05 G.1.R.A TransAtlantic Challenge
Star Alliance 09-21 Saitama Samurai TransAtlantic Challenge
Hawkes Bay Magpies 36-19 Hutt Valley Hawks Tremain Trophy
Manawatu Vikings 34-17 Wellington Dolphins Tremain Trophy
PreSeason #6
RC Narbonne 00-00 Berlin Wallbangerz TransAtlantic Challenge
Cardif Fury 00-00 Star Alliance TransAtlantic Challenge
Saitama Samurai 00-00 G.1.R.A TransAtlantic Challenge
Durban Sports Club 00-00 Transvaal Lions Africa Challenge
Madrid Matadors 00-00 Norse Force : PreSeason
Raleigh Wolfpack 00-00 Manase Manta Rays : PreSeason
Tanoa Warlords 00-00 British-Pacific : PreSeason
Leeds Tigers 00-00 MEGA Rugby : PreSeason
NeathSwansea.Dragons 00-00 Galway Gladiators : PreSeason
PreSeason #7
Star Alliance 00-00 Apia Warriors : PreSeason
Cardiff Fury 00-00 Llanelli Turks : PreSeason
Ulster Ravens 00-00 Doncaster Knights : PreSeason
Coventry Power 00-00 Perthshire Blades : PreSeason
Border Raiders 00-00 Orkney Druids : PreSeason
Edinburgh Reivers 00-00 Alford Aces : PreSeason
Berlin Wallbangerz 00-00 Kaunas Knives : PreSeason
Saitama Samurai 00-00 Tokyo Shoguns : PreSeason
Tbilisi Drakonas 00-00 RC Narbonne : PreSeason

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