WFR XX – Premiership

Here is the Full Draw for the WFR XX Premiership

ROUND Home TEAM Away TEAM Attendance
Round 1 Wellington Dolphins vs Auckland Volcanics
Transvaal Lions vs Kalamazoo.Wolverines
Taranaki Oilers vs Coventry Power
Boland Kavaliers vs Durban Sports Club
Southern.Swashbucklers vs Edinburgh Reivers
Perthshire Blades vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Berlin Wallbangerz vs Bribie Island Convicts
RC Narbonne vs Peninsula Whalers
Round 2 RC Narbonne vs Wellington Dolphins
Peninsula Whalers vs Berlin Wallbangerz
Bribie Island Convicts vs Perthshire Blades
Hawkes Bay Magpies vs Southern.Swashbucklers
Edinburgh Reivers vs Boland Kavaliers
Durban Sports Club vs Taranaki Oilers
Coventry Power vs Transvaal Lions
Kalamazoo.Wolverines vs Auckland Volcanics
Round 3 Wellington Dolphins vs Kalamazoo Wolverines
Auckland Volcanics vs Coventry Power
Transvaal Lions vs Durban Sports Club
Taranaki Oilers vs Edinburgh Reivers
Boland Kavaliers vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Southern Swashbucklers vs Bribie Island Convicts
Perthshire Blades vs Peninsula Whalers
Berlin Wallbangerz vs RC Narbonne
Round 4 Berlin Wallbangerz vs Wellington Dolphins
RC Narbonne vs Perthshire Blades
Peninsula Whalers vs Southern Swashbucklers
Bribie Island Convicts vs Boland Kavaliers
Hawkes Bay Magpies vs Taranaki Oilers
Edinburgh Reivers vs Transvaal Lions
Durban Sports Club vs Auckland Volcanics
Coventry Power vs Kalamazoo Wolverines
Round 5 Wellington Dolphins vs Coventry Power
Kalamazoo Wolverines vs Durban Sports Club
Auckland Volcanics vs Edinburgh Reivers
Transvaal Lions vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Taranaki Oilers vs Bribie Island Convicts
Boland Kavaliers vs Peninsula Whalers
Southern Swashbucklers vs RC Narbonne
Perthshire Blades vs Berlin Wallbangerz
Round 6 Perthshire Blades vs Wellington Dolphins
Berlin Wallbangerz vs Southern Swashbucklers
RC Narbonne vs Boland Kavaliers
Peninsula Whalers vs Taranaki Oilers
Bribie Island Convicts vs Transvaal Lions
Hawkes Bay Magpies vs Auckland Volcanics
Edinburgh Reivers vs Kalamazoo Wolverines
Durban Sports Club vs Coventry Power
Round 7 Wellington Dolphins vs Durban Sports Club
Coventry Power vs Edinburgh Reivers
Kalamazoo Wolverines vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Auckland Volcanics vs Bribie Island Convicts
Transvaal Lions vs Peninsula Whalers
Taranaki Oilers vs RC Narbonne
Boland Kavaliers vs Berlin Wallbangerz
Southern Swashbucklers vs Perthshire Blades
Round 8 Southern Swashbucklers vs Wellington Dolphins
Perthshire Blades vs Boland Kavaliers
Berlin Wallbangerz vs Taranaki Oilers
RC Narbonne vs Transvaal Lions
Peninsula Whalers vs Auckland Volcanics
Bribie Island Convicts vs Kalamazoo Wolverines
Hawkes Bay Magpies vs Coventry Power
Edinburgh Reivers vs Durban Sports Club
Round 9 Wellington Dolphins vs Edinburgh Reivers
Durban Sports Club vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Coventry Power vs Bribie Island Convicts
Kalamazoo Wolverines vs Peninsula Whalers
Auckland Volcanics vs RC Narbonne
Transvaal Lions vs Berlin Wallbangerz
Taranaki Oilers vs Perthshire Blades
Boland Kavaliers vs Southern.Swashbucklers
Round 10 Boland Kavaliers vs Wellington Dolphins
Southern Swashbucklers vs Taranaki Oilers
Perthshire Blades vs Transvaal Lions
Berlin Wallbangerz vs Auckland Volcanics
RC Narbonne vs Kalamazoo Wolverines
Peninsula Whalers vs Coventry Power
Bribie Island Convicts vs Durban Sports Club
Hawkes Bay Magpies vs Edinburgh Reivers
Round 11 Wellington Dolphins vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Edinburgh Reivers vs Bribie Island Convicts
Durban Sports Club vs Peninsula Whalers
Coventry Power vs RC Narbonne
Kalamazoo Wolverines vs Berlin Wallbangerz
Auckland Volcanics vs Perthshire Blades
Transvaal Lions vs Southern Swashbucklers
Taranaki Oilers vs Boland Kavaliers
Round 12 Taranaki Oilers vs Wellington Dolphins
Boland Kavaliers vs Transvaal Lions
Southern Swashbucklers vs Auckland Volcanics
Perthshire Blades vs Kalamazoo Wolverines
Berlin Wallbangerz vs Coventry Power
RC Narbonne vs Durban Sports Club
Peninsula Whalers vs Edinburgh Reivers
Bribie Island Convicts vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Round.13 Wellington Dolphins vs Bribie Island Convicts
Hawkes Bay Magpies vs Peninsula Whalers
Edinburgh Reivers vs RC Narbonne
Durban Sports Club vs Berlin Wallbangerz
Coventry Power vs Perthshire Blades
Kalamazoo Wolverines vs Southern Swashbucklers
Auckland Volcanics vs Boland Kavaliers
Transvaal Lions vs Taranaki Oilers
Round 14 Transvaal Lions vs Wellington Dolphins
Taranaki Oilers vs Auckland Volcanics
Boland Kavaliers vs Kalamazoo Wolverines
Southern.Swashbucklers vs Coventry Power
Perthshire Blades vs Durban Sports Club
Berlin Wallbangerz vs Edinburgh Reivers
RC Narbonne vs Hawkes Bay Magpies
Peninsula Whalers vs Bribie Island Convicts
Round.15 Wellington Dolphins vs Peninsula Whalers
Bribie.Island.Convicts vs RC Narbonne
Hawkes Bay Magpies vs Berlin Wallbangerz
Edinburgh Reivers vs Perthshire Blades
Durban.Sports.Club vs Southern.Swashbucklers
Coventry Power vs Boland Kavaliers
Kalamazoo Wolverines vs Taranaki Oilers
Auckland Volcanics vs Transvaal Lions

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