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What is WFR ?

WFR stands for World Fantasy Rugby developed by Kevin Hare (Rabbit007), it is the premier fantasy rugby competition on the internet featuring live broadcasts, full length match reports, regular team reports via the news group, statistics and a form guide for your team updated each week. The unique thing about WFR that seperates it from any other rugby fantasy competition is that a player you picked is YOUR player, no one else may select or use that player unless they are good enough to play for their national side. If this is so, don’t worry, your players health and form will not be affected. He is still acknowledged as coming from your team.How is it played?
Orders are sent in each week by coaches who can select options such as: “Use Fullback”, “Use Forwards”, and a few more to dictate where the attack will focus from. They also have to choose whether to play an “Open” running style game, a “Tight” more controlled game or somewhere in between. Your goal kicker should have a good kicking rating, and your captain can either be a cool calming influence (with a high temperament rating), or a hot head willing to try anything (with a low temperament rating). A captains temperament can work both ways, depending on whether you want your team to be adventurous or controlled. Internationals are also a regular feature, as well as a Knock Out Cup competition and a Challenge Shield which works in much the same way as the Ranfurly Shield competition works in NZ rugby.

How do I join?
Follow the link to be added to the waiting list for a team to become free or another conference to start. WFR is very popular so ensure you get your name down early to improve your chances of getting a team.

How do I send in orders?
You will receive a Personalized Team orders Page .The URL will be sent to you when accepted as a Team Owner.

When are orders due in?
Orders for club games are officially due in on Friday night 2359 NZ time. If you live in another part of the world just check the team orders page, the time when orders are due in your part of the world are there! However, the competition can work a lot more efficiently if everyone sends in orders as soon as they receive their form guides. That way more games can be played which is good for everyone. If you have a problem sending in orders due to time constraints please get in touch with the WFR Executive, it only has to be a short message telling them so. International match orders are due as soon as Rabbit posts instructions to the news group for the particular teams involved to send through orders. Please do not send in orders for internationals until they are asked for.

What happens if I don’t send in orders?
Every week you don’t send in orders you get a strike down the bottom of your form guide. Orders not sent in for four weeks will lead to you been sacked and your team put up for adoption. Every time you don’t send in orders your previous weeks orders will be used.

What if I go away on holiday?
If you let Rabbit the game-master know this, you can arrange with him for orders to be used while you are away, and changes to be made in case of injuries, you won’t receive any strikes for this.

What do I do with injured players?
If a player has been injured, or has picked up enough minor niggles along the way to force their health below 70%, it is a good idea to rest them completely so they can fully recover to their original state or there abouts. If you don’t rest these players, the WFR executive will and choose a player from your squad similar to the vacant position to play. A player with any health value 70% and higher is able to play.

Do I have to select my team in the players designated position?
The only rule as far as player positions go is that you must not play forwards in the backline, or backs in the forward pack. This is to preserve realism, it is highly unrealistic that Jannie de Beers would ever play prop, or Norm Hewitt will ever play fullback. If you still choose to do this you will incur a 10% penalty on that players form which is a tough penalty as form recovers slower than health. You can however play a player who is a back anywhere in the backline, and a player who is a forward anywhere in forward pack. You might think that Filo TiaTia might play lock better than Robin Brooke, so put him there, that’s fine.” :-)

My player says he’s a halfback, but I know he’s a center, shall I tell someone?
It doesn’t really matter, you can play him anywhere in the backline, forget what his preferred position says, there are a lot of players in the WFR database and sometimes we get their positions wrong.

What is the 10% rule?
As mentioned above, if you play a forward in the backline and a back in the forward pack you will incur a 10% penalty on that player, and you may also receive a warning from the WFR Executive. If you continue this practice the Game-master may choose himself to re-shuffle your team for you, it is at his discretion. The only time you will ever not incur this penalty is if because of injury there is NO other forward or back in your squad to take the injured players place.

I don’t like my players ratings, what can I do about it?
If you think that a player you have selected is rated poorly just train him up. Every training point is worth $100,000 so if you don’t like their ratings and have spare salary cap space at the start of the season, inform Rabbit that you wish to do this. Training points can only be handed out two points per season, and no player can be trained above a 5. If you are just unhappy that a player is rated so low, there is nothing you can do except wait until next season so you can release them. Sometimes you can pick up a player whose ratings don’t live up to his name, just like some players don’t live up to their expectations.

Why is it important to fill in the team orders page correctly?
It is important that you fill out all the details on the team orders page correctly so that the gamemaster knows exactly what to key in when running your teams game. It’s no good if you haven’t filled in your e-mail address because how does the game-master know it’s you that has sent these orders in? Filling in the team orders page correctly also helps WFR run more smoothly.

None of the strategies seem to work, what do I do?
Stick at it, and may be do a bit of research on the team you are due to play next. Look for their weaknesses and where their best players play to try and figure out where their weak points could be. Also check their previous games to see if any key injuries occurred. There is no “super strategy” that is the one which will work all the time, it all depends on how good your team is and how that strategy will work on your opponent.

How does temperament work?
Temperament is a two-edged sword. A high (or disciplined) temperament will make it less likely for penalties to be awarded against you, but a low (or hot-headed) temperament will give you a big defensive bonus. Low temperament will also increase the number of handling errors your team makes.

My form guide says my player is rated 3, but the column further along says he’s rated a 2, why is this?
The column to the far right of your form guide indicates players CURRENT Attack, Defense, Kicking, and Temperament value. If your player is unhealthy (ie around 75%, and out of form, ie 60%) you can expect this CRT value to be lower than the players original values. This is because health and form affect the skills of your player life they do in real life. The bonus is that if you have a fully healthy player (100%) and an in-form player (125%) these values will go up and your player will add a more valuable contribution to your team than they originally might have.

A player in my team has retired from all rugby in real life or has inccured a ban or MAJOR Injury preventing him playing Rugby Union for a long period do I have to do anything?
Yes, it is your duty to inform the WFR executive that a player in your team has retired in real life. This will remove the player from your team, but will also open up the player pool for you to choose a replacement player to boost your squad back up to 30 players. Also if a player has received a ban for breaking IRB Rules and is Banned from Rugby his suspension shall also be imposed in WFR meaning that he must be replaced ASAP and this also applies to a player receiving an injury which puts him out of action for 4 weeks or more. In the event this happens when he returns your WFR Club gets first refusal on re signing him.

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