WFR stands for World Fantasy Rugby and now we have the WFR Judiciary. 
As of Round 17 in WFR IX the WFR has incorporated RED and YELLOW cards into the WFR Sim. 

So now we need the formation of the WFR JUDICIARY : 

So Here are the Guidelines of the WFR Judiciary and all Decisions made are entirely upto the Judiciary , The following are the Guidelines Set Down.

This is HOW the Sequence of events are played out prior to a Judiciary Ruling

Judiciary Sequence of Events
1. Match played.

2. WFR puts out list of charged players to face judiciary. 
( Ideally as soon as possible after games published.)

3. Club has 24hrs (until midnight Monday NZ time) to provide evidence defending their player/players against any charges.

Send defence evidence to:
Doing this also produces Financial Reward to your club through the News Stories Bonus that all WFR Clubs can earn by 
being active on the WFR Newsgroup sending in News Stories on your WFR Club.

Each judiciary member receives the defence information for review
via WFR Newsgroup

The substance of your clubs defence can have a significant effect on the judiciaries final verdict. It could mean the difference between your player receiving a hefty suspension to having a charge downgraded or even possible exoneration.

If no response at all is received from your club within this 24 hr period your player will face the pending charge as guilty of the offense without remorse or explanation.

4. A club may enter a GUILTY PLEA within the 24 hour deadline.
It means the club concedes that their player has committed the offense he is charged with.

The positive bonus of entering a guilty plea is it may draw leniency from judiciary members at vote time depending on the charge, whereas no response or plea at all before Judiciary Vote , from a club will result in judiciary members voting on the player with no contemplation of leniency regarding the charge in mind.

5. All Judiciary decisions are handed down to all WFR members at 12 midnight Tuesday NZ time. Judiciary verdict is Absolutely Final.

E-mails to WFR headquarters or to the judiciary contesting any decisions will most likely incur cash fines to your club and may also result in the players suspension being increased.

6. Exactly the same rules apply for representative fixtures except suspensions do not carry over into club matches.

Example: If a player is suspended in an International for 3 games he can still compete for his club side, but must miss the next 3 International matches his country competes in.
A player suspended in club matches is still available to represent his nation.

8. Same rules apply for midweek matches. (Mostly International fixtures)
    Example: If a match is played on Wednesday then judiciary defenceis required by midnight Thursday.

Judiciary decision handed down midnight Friday NZ time.

Possible Penalties :

1. Non Violent Technical Infringements 
(holding, obstructions, game delay, professional fouls):
First offense Yellow Card
Second Offense During match Red Card 1-2 games
Third Offense (During season)  2-3 games

2. Minor Physical Offenses 
(pushing, barging, over-the-top calls, early or late tackles):
First Offense Yellow card
Second Offense During match 1-2 games
Third Offense (During season) 3-4 games

3. Major Physical Offenses 
(Kicking, Punching, Dangerous rucking, Tripping, Fighting, Biting, Eye-Gouging, Stomping, Dangerous high/late or spear tackles, head butting,Spitting):
First Offense Red Card 2-4 weeks
Repeat Offense (During Season) 3-4 games

Referees & Officials
a) Persistent criticism/disputing of calls against referee or touch judge:
First Offense Yellow card
Second Offense (During Match)  Red Card 1-2 games
Third Offense (During Season)  formal judiciary hearing. 

b) Verbal abuse and/or threatening a Referee or Touch Judge:
First Offense Red Card  2-3 games
Second Offense (During Season)  formal judiciary hearing

d) Physical or Attempted Physical Assault of a Referee or Touch Judge on or off the field:
1. Player is suspended immediately
2. A formal hearing must be held within 48 hours of the incident. 
3. Unless overwhelming evidence is presented that would mitigate the situation a minimum suspension of 10 games assessed the guilty party.

Basically The way I see it is if a player in the opposing team is Injured The suspensions may follow this example of a table

Player Injured see’s health at ## the Red Carded Player may receive the following suspension:
Health Points = Suspension Length

So We have 3 Levels 

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