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Code Of Conduct + Finances

Hello All ,

Here is All the Information needed to Play WFR PLEASE READ BEFORE E-MAILING the WFR Executive because the answer may be here .

This is way for team owners to be more involved with running your team ,But be careful as there are Pitfalls that you should watch for: Here is how WFR Finances Shall Work

Finances Ok Where to begin ….

Each of the WFR’s club Teams for WFR XV will start with a minimum opening balance of $150,000 or their carryover Balance from WFR XIX

(Teams In Overdraft Shall Remain In OverDraft… Teams NOT In Overdraft Will have there Bank Balance Topped Up to $150,000)

But Before we go into the rules for WFR XV !

A New Rule THAT MUST be adhered to :

In WFR VIII The Squads in WFR were increased by 5 to 30 , now some teams took advantage of this and selected cautiously but some abused the new squad size. By Selecting 5 Players then not even giving them Game Time ! 


(Amended 28/07/04 click here to see amendment e-mail 1st Amendment)

(2nd Amendment 27/04/05)

(3rd Amendment 27/04/10)

1. All Players in your Team by the end of
Round 11 in WFR XVII must have played a Minimum of 5 Games .. 

Games played Pre Season (Tour Matches) Shall be carried over to Conference Matches played Stats.

2. Players on the Reserve Bench are recognized as having Match Time so this is an Option if you do not want certain Players in Starting XV.

3.By the end of Round 6 of Conference Play Any Player still on 0 (Zero) Games for WFR XVII will be automatically Started in Your Starting 15 and the Player they replace will have his form decreased by 30 Form Points. The Player Change will also Remain in Effect For the the Remaining last 5 Conference Games. This Rule also applies to players only on 1, 2 , 3 or 4 games for the Season until they have 5 matches played.

Rules Added 27th July 2003


The biggest subject of concern:

A] Any Injury incurred in Real Life does not get mirrored in WFR unless,

  Aa] Player is out of Rugby for at LEAST 6 MONTHS – Confirmed

  Bb] Player recieves injury that ends his career and it is confirmed he has Retired

Cc] In WFR the rule of a player being rested Automatically due to injury remains at below 70 health


A] If a Player is suspended in Real Life for a minimum of 6 months or more the Same Suspension shall be handed down by WFR … Team effected can do the Following

   Aa] Keep Player on Roster but MUST run Rest of Season with only 29 man Squad.

   Bb] In Doing [A] They must make sure if player remaining in Position is only player left as example:

Suspended player is a scrumhalf  and team runs with 29  the Remaining Scrumhalf must be made available for Remainder of Suspension and in event of Injury the WFR Team MUST pay 100,000 Health to keep him fit for next game if injury sustained.

   Cc] Release player and select replacement player from List sent to club from WFR .

3) Rugby League Conversion

If a WFR player converts to Rugby League the Following MUST be Adhered to.

(Each Case will be looked at Individually and the WFR Board shall Discuss the eligilbilty of each player that this may happen to , so you MAY be able to hold onto a player if this happens until he actually takes up a LEAGUE Contract , In saying that if the WFR Board believe he should be replaced then your club will be notified)

A] If Player Signs for a LEAGUE CLUB in Real Life and that is all he is to play he will be removed from WFR as soon as he Starts his League Career with New Team.

B] If a player Signs a RUGBY UNION Contract with a club that also owns a Rugby LEAGUE Team and plays for the League Team Before the Union Team he can remain in WFR As long as the Reports prove that he is firstly a UNION signed player.

C] Same as [B] BUT if he is Predominatly signed as a LEAGUE Player then he would be removed from WFR.

In the events of A and C where player has diffently converted to LEAGUE a Player List will be sent to effected club to choose replacement Player.


WFR goes 12 Months a year which means we will always have OFF SEASON in either Nth Hemisphere or Sth Hemisphere .

If A Player Sustains an Injury at the End of a season that would see him out of action till Following season he can continue in WFR , However in saying this if we find evidence that he may miss at Least the first 2 Months of a new Season he must Be replaced by WFR Club effected. ‘

How to Make Money

Each League game played you will receive gate takings from your match it is to be split as follows , After all Match day costs are removed the balance will be shared , but the Home Team receives 75% of the Gate and the Visitor 25% of the Gate.

Bonuses will be paid on the following

WFR XX Premier Division
Salary Cap $21,500,000

/ 4th
/ 6th
/ 8th
/ 10th




WFR XX Conference One
Salary Cap $20,000,000

/ 4th
/ 6th
/ 8th
/ 10th





WFR XX Conference Two
Salary Cap $19,500,000

/ 4th
/ 6th
/ 8th
/ 10th





WFR XX Conference Three
Salary Cap $19,000,000 

/ 4th
/ 6th
/ 8th
/ 10th




WFR XX Knockout Trophy
These are paid instead of Gate TakingsIf Your Team Does NOT Submit Orders For Any Of the Matches Below all Prize Money will be Forfeited and You will recieve a Fine Not a PRIZE 

Round Winner
$30,000 1st
round Loser
Round Winner
$50,000 2nd
round Loser
Round Winner
$80,000 3rd
round Loser
Final Winner
$120,000 ¼
Final Loser
Final Winner
$300,000 ½
Final Loser
Final Winner
$1,000,000 KO
Final Loser


Added 03/04/03




The WFR Newsgroups is the Lifeblood of the WFR community and it is not being  used as much as we would like .

The Following has 2 parts Bonuses and FINES.

First the Bonus Payment to your club for the Following :

For every 5 Newsworthy Stories to the Group your Club will earn $5,000 but as Chief Moderator I will Only Allow Stories I believe to Be newsworthy to go through’ Also Each Subject heading MUST read 

Your Club Name – and News Headlineother wise the payment will not be made.

And Now the BAD NEWS to those Who Do Not Read this !

– If you Post A Direct Question to the Newsgroups , meaning that it is not a newstory , just “Hey rabs blah blah “

You Club Will be FINED $50,000

This is because you all , hit “reply” to a news item instead
of actually Checking who you are sending e-mail to , then I get it and have to take time out of my own day to day life to reject your E-Mail So DO NOT DO THIS !

send any WFR Related questions to the following

Kevin Hare    – WFR CEO

The Only people Exempt from this is the WFR Executive who can post WFR Related News on Rules and posting Games , also informing the Group of going – on’s in WFR .


If You Can earn Money you can also Lose it !

The Following is the Fine Structure……

If you Do not Send in team orders the following Applies on club orders

  • 1st offense $250,000
  • 2nd offense $450,000 (that is 2 rounds in a row)
  • 3rd offense $0.00 zero yes because YOU ARE SACKED !!!!
  • A new owner will be called in to take over your club , to get them out out of Bankruptcy !

Meanwhile some of you who are fortunate to run International teams !

You seem to be able to send in club orders and WFR News well !

BUT you Forget Your International Orders and Sevens Orders .

The following Will apply

If you fail to submit orders for Full International Matches your Club will be fined $50,000 if you are a coach who has 2 teams then this fine will be split 50/50 between the 2 clubs you run meaning each club side for example will be fined $25,000.

The same Structure applies to International SEVENS 7’s

But the fines here will be $75,000

NB. The only way you can get around these Fine is if You are Away and have notified me

Kevin Hare to tell me you are away and when you expect to be back 

or for International Sevens Orders Contact Kevin

Club Fines

 As mentioned above we are to be very strict on Orders being submitted but as in real life there is to be the Odd match Fine !

On the ODD occasion some matches use ALL playing reserves If this happens WFR’s Disciplinary Committee will have a e-mail discussion on the match to see if your team had been unnecessarily rough and we may site players and impose fines or suspensions .These fines will be decided on a case by case basis .

For those members who have been around for a while you will remember the “Battle of Akaroa” match where ALL 10 reserves took to the field which resulted then in 4 players getting match suspensions.This process will also be used for when club Owners Break the WFR Code Of Conduct which could result in either expulsion or Fine .

Now that is out of the Way


You Club now has Finances so how can you use it

1.You can Now Purchase Training Points !

For $1,000,000 you can buy 1 Training point for your Player and place that training Point on Any Attribute. Attack , Kick , Defence.

Also at the start of a season depending on how much you are below the Salary cap after the Season Draft you will be awarded 1 training for each $150,000 that you are under the Salary Cap.

You will be able to use these funds to balance your Salary Cap to the Maximum allowed.

You cannot Use the Salary Cap Training Points other than at the Start of a season so if you lose the services of a player and replace him with a lower valued player , the only way of training him is by spending the $1,000,000 during season . 

Again the 250k Training is only available prior your Teams First Game in a new season and you can only train a maximum of 2 Training Points per Player, If you use 2 Training points at this stage your players salary would be increased by 500k or if you use 1 pt his salary would increase by 250k.

You cannnot go over salary cap as set by WFR.

2. WFR XVII Player Transfers

So this is how it will happen .

A) All Transfers MUST first be discussed between Clubs first 

[maximum 3 per Season]

B) The Transfer of the Player must be at least a one for one basis and you cannot go over your Salary Cap

C) You Can Offer a club more money than the player is listed at but if you succeed in acquiring him he will stay at his salary and example would be this , If you Buy Player A from team X for $1 million and his salary is $600,000 when he is added to your team he will be listed as $600,000 not $1 million.

D) If which I can See will happen ! and your Club goes over the Salary cap your Club Will be fined 10% of the trade proposal and the trade will not be accepted.

If not the transfer will not be allowed and a fine may be imposed.

F) All Transfer Deals Must be a One on One Basis , meaning that you must trade a player in Your Team for a Player in the Other Team and Vice Versa.

G) YOU cannot Transfer Players in the Hope of receiving Training Points as Training Points are not applicable during Transfers

H) A Player can only be eligible for Transfer after Playing 5 Matches in Current Season for the Club they are to leave.

I) Clubs owned by 1 person can only trade 1 player per club within teams they own……..

Ratings/salaries not effected. meanin if you own 3 Teams the Following is what is allowed

Team A Trades With Team B

Team B Trades With Team A

Team C requests Trade wither either A or B But Cannot as they have Already Traded

Team C can Now go to the Market and have 3 Trades with any other Club.

While Teams A and B have 2 Trades remaining if wanted. 

J) Trades 2 & 3 can be made with clubs outside of their own and do not affect salary/ratings.

K) Trades 2&3 made within own organisation (Alliance) are subject to salary re-evaluation depending on individual players total skill rating and the sliding pricing scale in direct reference to a players skills ratings. 

ie: a 20 rated player might be 2.0 million, an 18 rated player 1.50 million etc
2&3: If a coach trains a player up from one of his feeder clubs: 

Joe Blobb 5535 $200,000 and wants to swap for Jim Smith that plays in another of his owned sides 3232 $200,000 ,Then Joe Blobb & Jim Smith both have their salary values adjusted.

Meaning Joe Blobb may then go to something like a 1.5 million dollar player making it impossible to stack a side.

Also at end of season there be no more internal swapping of players.

Same thing……If a coach wants to shuffle players between clubs he owns then they are subject to salary adjustment.

Also any player dropped to the free agents has salary
adjusted PLUS skills ratings ALSO adjusted.

ALL Transfers are not final until it appears on your Form Guide and Team Orders Page

The Trade Window is Open From the Completion of Round 1 of The KO TROPHY till Round 10 of normal Conference Season, any Trades received AFTER Round 10 of the Conference Play will not be Accepted.

Building New stadiums is another way to spend money This can Only be done at


“Exec boxes are in most sports now, so why not follow
suit to allow teams to do the same, throughout the season, teams generate gate receipts for extra income and this income can be used to buy extra training points at season’s end. What I propose is that instead
of using the funds to buy a point clubs could instal ‘Exec Boxes’ in order to generate extra match day income”

A. Cost of each Exec box could be set at $250k no matter
what league

B. You can only build 4 boxes per off season

C. Exec boxes will generate 15% of extra revenue ,
the 15% is taken from the cost of the box this is $37.5k per box per home league game only the home team gets Exec revenue.

for home games in the KO trophy and WFR final series this will change to round #1 20%  – round #2 25% – round #3 30% – Grand Final 35% per box

D. It’s not mandatory to buy Exec boxes like everything else, it’s a speculate to accumulate however, 1 box per team would generate an extra $225k per season on just league games alone for the lucky few who get into the knockout rounds and win it all, it would be an additional $275k per box, so if you spend $1million on 4 exec boxes, with 6 homes games, and 3 home games in the playoff rounds and win the grand final you would net an extra $2million in revenue, you recoup the initial $1million you spent on the boxes, and have an extra $1million in the bank, if you win the Grand Trophy this would be further $$$$ in gate receipts.

E. Up Keep :- Each Box will incur a $10,000 UpKeep fee at the end of each season that must be paid to replenish the Exec Boxes ……

3. Training Points

Training Points May be Issued through out the Season

Rules on Training Usage Will be detailed when Awarded. 


For those that want new team Uniforms the cost of this will be $700,000

New Clubs are exempt from this cost.

Health :

As you Know If a players health drops below 70 you CANNOT Play him Well Now Help is at hand !

You will be allowed if you have the funds to send Injured players to a Doctor But he does not come Cheap

You will be allowed to FIX Players health by 10 points a week that is 10 points total meaning you can put 5 on one player or 10
on one player it is up to you , You can only do this once a week if necessary and it costs $10,000 a point so if your player for example is on 83 health and you spend 10 health points he will go up to 93 and your Bank Balance will go down by $100,000

You Can Only Use this Option if your Players Health is below 90 No Exceptions


You can now send a one Player a week to the WFR Psychologist

You will be allowed to FIX Players Form by 10 points a week

that is 10 points total meaning you can put 10 Form on one player 

You can only do this once a week and on ONLY ONE Player it

$100,000 so if your player for example is on 83 Form and you spend $100,000 For Form points he will go up to 93 and your Bank Balance will go down by $100,000 .

You Can Only Use this Option if your Players Form is below 90 No Exceptions

So Send Health/Form Upgrade Details to Kevin


Also from WFR XV we have introduced the WFR Rehab Centre:

This Optionis available to All Subscribed Team Owners for each club covered by a subscription.

Each WFR Rehab Ticket covers a full Form Reset to players whose form is below 100 back to 100 , and the Health upgrade to 100 for 10 players.

Each Rehab ticket is valid for 3 months from date of purchase ( Rehab ticket provided with Subscription) If you are NOT a subscriber you can purchase a Rehab Ticket from here

The purchased WFR Rehab Ticket is also valid for 3 months from

~~~ WFR REHAB Ticket is a use or lose Option in WFR ~~~

So There you Have It The WFR Finance Laws for WFR XI

One thing to look For that will appear on Form guides will be your Bank Balance

Beneath your last orders for who was to be captain and kicker at the the Bottom of your form guide will be the following :

Total – Spent – Fines – Bonuses – Balance

All Self explanatory but the one to look at will the last figure

This is what your Clubs BANK BALANCE is after fines spending and bonuses I hope this makes WFR Better And we will see How you all work it because if you make it difficult then HEY WHY the HELL NOT



How to read Your FORM GUIDE

In the form guide you will find info on each of your players.

Each player has 4 skill attributes, a form rating, and a health rating.

For the trials, form and health will remain at 100, but during the season these will fluctuate.


The 4 skills are:

1. Attack

Attack is the attribute that defines how easy it is for your team to get near the other team’s try line, and then how likely it is that you will score a try once you get there.

Generally speaking your backs (9-15) should have higher attack ratings than your forwards but this will depend on the strategies you choose.


2. Defense

Defense has two effects. Firstly it helps decide which team is more likely to be in possession of the ball. Secondly it defines your team’s ability to stop the other team getting good field position or scoring tries against you. Your forwards should usually have more defense points than your backs.


3. Kicking

Kicking helps you gain good field position and defines your chances of scoring conversions, penalty goals and drop goals.

The halfback and your designated goal kicker should be good kickers.


4. Temperament

Temperament is a two-edged sword. A high (or disciplined) temperament will make it less likely for penalties to be awarded against you, but a low (or hot-headed) temperament will give you a big defensive bonus.

Low temperament will also increase the number of handling errors your team makes.

From WFR X a Players Temperament Rating shall be known as TEMPX

(Amended 27/04/05) 

Players will be rated at the Conclusion of the WFR Club Finals as follows :

If a PLAYER IS ON 8 Matches he will be rated Zero When he reaches 15 matches on his WFR X Rating his TempX will become 1 and so on as per table below.

TempX Rating 0 – 0/14  matches

TempX Rating 1 – 15/49 matches

TempX Rating 2 – 50/99 matches

TempX Rating 3 – 100/199 matches

TempX Rating 4 – 150/199 matches

TempX Rating 5 – 200/+ matches

The Ratings will go up during season when players reach each milestone on their WFR XX Rating


All skills are rated 0 – 5 with 5 being the best. Use these skill ratings to pick your best team.

Form and Health **

These are percentage values.

For instance, a player who has an attack rating of 5, a form of 75, and health 50 will have an effective attack of 5 x 75% x 50% = 1.875 Winning teams will find that their form tends to increase, while losing teams will find their form getting lower.

Health will fluctuate, but you should rest players with low health to give them a chance to recover from injuries.

Firstly, some important rules:



*Orders must be received by 00.01hrs of Friday
(New Zealand time)
before the game.

*Orders must be received by 20.00hrs of Thursday
(European/Americas time)
before the game.

*Orders must be received by 18.00hrs of Friday
(Australian time)
before the game.

Other Games

KO TROPHY , Internationals , Sevens Deadlines will be e-mailed when The Orders for these Games are to Be Played.

*If 90% of Orders are in before Deadline ie: 24 hours before , games may will Be run.

[ This Rule has been in Place since WFR III ]

ALSO AGAIN …. WFR reiterates that if you are Going Away !! Send In Orders in Advanced via Your Team Orders Page OR e-mail Rabbit007 saying you are away for a period of Time and in the Advent of Sevens Orders e-mail Winger.

Otherwise WFR Shall Run the your Team with the Worst Line Up , decided by adding your Teams CA CD CK and CT 

Together and the players rated low shall take the field.

WFR from WFR X will not run Last Team Line Up if a Coach Fails to send in Orders and/or fails to notify WFR They are away.

Games are Published on the Sunday or Monday NZ Time

If Orders are not received your previously submitted orders will be used and a Fine will be imposed om your club.

Orders must be made online at YOUR

“Team Orders Page”


* If you fail to send in your orders for Three matches in a row you will be sacked as coach and your team put up for adoption.


* If you are going away on holidays you can submit orders in advance.

This can include instructions on what to do with injured players

– please contact me Kevin Hare if you need to do this.

[ This Rule has been in Place since WFR III ]


1. Picking Your Team

The first thing to do is pick a starting 15 from your squad. You must list the entire team numbered from 1 to 15.Then also select 7 reserves numbered from 16 to 22

Picking your team is really the main strategy. Remember that all players in the team are important – poor players will have a significant effect on the team’s performance. However, this could be balanced out by having a few star players in important strategic positions. It is up to  you how you design your team.



2. Choosing a Strategy

Currently, there are two types of strategies you choose – attacking strategies (five to choose from) and team strategies (five to choose from). You also have to choose a captain and a goal kicker.

2.1. Attacking  Strategies

After you have listed your team, list your attacking strategy – Normal, Use Wings, Use Forwards, Use Halves, or Use Fullback.

You may only choose ONE of these.

2.1.1. Normal

Use the halfback and centers for most of the attacking plays.

2.1.2. Use Wings

Spread the ball out to the wingers whenever possible

2.1.3. Use Forwards

Use the props and second rowers heavily in attack

2.1.4. Use Centers

The halfback and five eighth along with centers are the chief attacking players

2.1.5. Use Fullback

Bring the fullback into the backline as an attacking option

2.2. Team Strategies

Finally, list your team strategy – Normal, Tight, or Open.

You may only choose ONE of these.

2.2.1. Normal

Play a balanced game – focus neither on attack nor defense.

2.2.2. Tight

Concentrate on defense, but lose some attacking ability.

2.2.3. Open

Concentrate on Attack but lose some defensive ability.

2.2.4. Attack

Same as Open but a bit more conservative.

2.2.5. Defend

Same as Tight but a bit more adventurous.


3.2.3. Captain

You should also choose a captain. By default your halfback will be the captain, but you can choose any player in your orders. The captain’s temperament will affect the way the team plays.

3.2.4. Kicker

This is the player who will take all goal attempts and kicks for touch.


Orders must be made online at YOUR  “Team Orders Page”

And All Fields must be be entered INCLUDING YOUR e-mail Address



To be enforced from WFR X season:

The code of conduct has been put in place by the WFR executive for the reason of ensuring that wfr continues to be fun for all participants. All breaches of conduct will be referred to the WFR executive & their decision will be binding & final.

1: Any concerns or queries re rumors or stories about WFR or wfr teams or coaches etc are to be referred to firstly, the WFR executive who will then refer to parties concerned to get information.

2: The WFR mailing list is NOT a public forum to air grievances or personal dislikes.   If the WFR mailing list is used for this it will mean instant dismissal & a ban from WFR. The Mailing list is to add to the fun of the competition by using it as a forum for friendly banter between teams or press releases etc from your club.

3: You must follow all instructions issued by the executive OR gamesmaster Teams or drafts may not be accepted & this could result in forfeiture of your side & or suspension.

4: Contact. If asked to reply to a email re a competition or draft etc do so as soon as possible as a no answer will be taken as a negative.

 If for any reason you are unable to play your side you MUST contact either the games master or the draft commissioner immediately. If there is a problem we are aware of we can run your side while you are unable to do so.

A failure to send in team orders OR make contact for a period of 3 weeks is an automatic expulsion for WFR. This maybe reviewed at the discretion of the WFR executive & under extenuating circumstances maybe reversed.

5: WFR is an independent competition & its rules, regulations &
procedures may differ from other similar competitions,therefore what another organization does in running their competition is of no concern to anyone at WFR.

 It is irrelevant & shall not be brought up to anyone within the WFR.

Quite simply if you do not agree with the way things are run compared to other comps either contact one of the WFR executive or leave & join the other organization.

5a: Politics & personal grievances/dislikes shall not be brought into WFR from other competitions. If this happens the perpetrator will be expelled from WFR indefinitely!

6: If you quit WFR during a season you may not re enter for a period of up to 2 WFR seasons.  If you are expelled for failure to reply or send orders in the same applies, although as stated above this can be reviewed by the WFR executive.

7: Organizations within the WFR ie PRC or French alliance may have regulations binding their organizations. That is fine. BUT all competitions which these organizations may wish to run involving ANY WFR TEAM MUST be approved by WFR executive.

No matches or tournaments maybe run without executives approval. Again this is an offense which could result in expulsion at the discretion of WFR.

8: Appeals. You have the right of appeal within 5 days of any decision. The appeal must be in writing to The Games master & the Draft commissioner who will set a date for the appeal & once considered will announce the decision. 

The decision will be final.

e-mail of WFR Executive

Kevin Hare    – WFR CEO


Any WFR member found to have passed on information to others , so they can start their own competition under the auspices of a different name but with information that mirrors WFR shall be expelled from WFR indiffently . Also any legal action taken shall be charged to the person found to have passed on that information. Any Content on the WFR Website including
the WFR images and Player Database belong to World Fantasy Rugby and passing on this information shall be regarded as theft.

Examples of New Zealand Patent law explains the following :

Your trade secrets and confidential information are protected by principles developed by the Courts of Equity over hundreds of years.

As a general principle someone “who has received information in confidence should not take unfair advantage of it” (Seager v. Copydex)

Employers have the right to protect their trade secrets but the law also promotes an employee’s individual ability to promote their skills.

Necessarily in the course of employment an employee will develop skills which they are entitled to take with them if they leave.

The Courts have attempted to define the difference between an employee’s skills and an employer’s trade secrets.

In essence a skill is anything the employee would have learnt regardless for whom he/she worked for in that industry and a trade secret is information that properly belongs to the individual employer and which the employee would not have known but for working for that particular employer.

The value in the information protected as a trade secret is that it is a secret.

This can often allow you more protection than a patent for example, which in return for disclosing an invention you gain a fixed term monopoly.

CokeTM is a good example – if the “recipe” was disclosed in a patent for example, anybody would have been able to make it after the patent expired. All rights reserved

All output from it may not be used,downloaded or copied by any means without
permission 1996 – 2014

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