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WFR stands for World Fantasy Rugby developed by Kevin Hare, it is the premier fantasy rugby competition on the internet featuring full length match reports, regular team reports via the news group, statistics and a form guide for your team updated each week.

The unique thing about WFR that separates it from any other rugby fantasy competitions is that a player you picked is YOUR player, no one else may select or use that player unless they are good enough to play for their national side. If this is so, don’t worry, your players health and form will not be affected. He is still acknowledged as coming from your team.

We have developed the program that will Print out full match commentaries ,we also request that team names reflect the team owner’s location in the world.

Examples are the Wellington Dolphins from New Zealand, Madrid Matadors from Spain and New Mexico Diablos from USA to name three.

In WFR XVII we also introduced WFR TV showing “Live” Matches in VIDEO format , so now you can see Your team on the Video Screens , Any more real and you would be playing at the stadiums yourself !

We also provide teams with their own team Graphics (Shirts – Logos)

To Join WFR’s Conference Championships please click here Currently it costs $19.95 USD per user On a 3 monthly recurring subscription basis via pay pal subscription covers all running costs to keep WFR going

If you are already a non-paid member you can get a full access by clicking image to receive special assistance and the ability to send your team to the WFR Rehab Center


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