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gera_cG1RA kicks off their pre-season tournament with 2 matches. RC Narbonne will be playing against the G1RA development squad while Berlin will be fighting it out against the Star Alliance development squad.

Narbonnes coach A. de Villiers was excited about their first match saying: “the young opponents will enjoy this hit out against a fully pro squad and the previous squads has proven that they can cause a major upset. We wont take them likely but we do have get our attack sorted out and will hope to get a few moves stringed together.”

Tama Thompsons only reply was that “we are not going to let their status as a premier team influence us. We are going out to win every match and go into the coming season with our tails up and as well prepared as possible.”

Berlin on the other hand will be facing an unknown team and will have to be very carefull. “They are young and inexperienced players but we cannot allow that to influence our approach and the worst thing we can do is to play their game. We want to set the tempo and they will have to adapt to us.”

Fede, the teams coach also said that: “So far the teams have all arrived well in Berlin and last night we all had a great time in the capital city. With the teams from Japan and Wales we can really also enjoy the time before the hard and long 20th WFR season kicks off.”

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